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This one shows evidence that acupuncture helps labor and labor pain, while this study shows that acupuncture and ginger likely help morning sickness. A word of warning, though: large amounts of ginger can cause a miscarriage, so be careful.


MRI Study

In this <A HREF="study, an MRI was done on patients in pain, some who were receiving acupuncture and some who weren’t. The results are interesting!

This article is quite positive, and even mentions the style of acupuncture that I practice, Toyohari. He’s slightly mistaken on one point: although Toyohari does include non-insertion “touch needling” techniques in its repertoire, it is not the only kind of needling we do. Our style also includes the use of insertion techniques; we try to use the technique that’s best for the individual patient’s condition.

But that’s a nit-pick; the article is well done.

Here’s a study that shows acupuncture is helpful for people with heart failure: It appears to be one of the typical studies that compares a “sham” protocol to a “real” acupuncture protocol. I’ve written in earlier posts about the problems with such protocols, but it’s always nice to see when a simple protocol works; it’s clinically useful information that can be used to help many people.

Hello world!

Here’s my new blog, where I plan to talk about alternative medicine: everything from health tips to research news to the politics of alternative medicine.  I hope you’ll be along for the ride!