OK, so it looks like my first real post is going to be a political one, and it concerns the nefarious organization known as the Codex Alimentarius.  The name sounds like something vaguely occult or sinister, like it belongs in one of Dan Brown’s books or the like.  If only it were merely fiction!

The Codex Alimentarius was created through negotiation between the WTO (World Trade Organization), the WHO (World Health Organization), the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), and our own FDA and USDA.  Knowing that should already be enough to tell you to be wary of it!  And indeed I believe your first instincts are correct.  The rhetoric of the Codex Alimentarius Commission is that they want to ensure food safety and fair business practices, but what it really amounts to in the end is further corporate control of our food supply, including supplements like vitamins, minerals, and herbs.  I believe their eventual goal is to either eliminate or regulate to uselessness all natural medicines that can potentially compete with pharmaceuticals.  Am I being paranoid?  I wish!   Believe it or not, the CAC classifies food as toxic, and the FDA intends to bring the United States into compliance with Codex’s rules.

Here’s some places where you can find more info on the CAC, and what you can do to stop it:




Best Wishes, Manu

PS Don’t be complacent!!